Pillars of Power : Australian Job-Seeking made Easy!

Let me tell you a very familiar story about myself and so many of my clients.

In 2010 our visa was granted, we relocated from the UK to Australia, and I quickly got a job with the UK-version of my CV, without any pre-networking or even a professional Linkedin Profile. The organisation’s head office was close to home and my daughter’s school, and I was super excited about my new life in Australia.

After a few weeks on the job, I learnt that the not-for-profit organisation was about to lose their government funding due to their non-compliance with government regulations, the staff was unhappy and disgruntled and the cherry on top – the Board was in negotiations with another organisation to arrange a take-over within six months from when I started my new job. A colleague informed me, in confidence, that they employed me (a newly arrived migrant) because they knew that I wouldn’t take legal action or engage FairWork when made redundant because I am still uninformed and new to the country.

So there I was, trying my best to keep the “Titanic” from sinking and keeping staff afloat whilst my family and I was still going through culture shock and trying to adjust to the Australian workplace culture, Australian slang and all their other idiosyncrasies.

So I started looking for another job, again with the wrong CV-format and no networking under my belt. Desperate to get another job, I even started to apply for lower-level positions and I changed my CV to not reflect my university qualifications. Eventually, I found another job as an administrative assistant, and I was bored to death. This is how my “job-hopping” journey began in Australia, and longterm, I was not doing myself any favours.

If you think that my story is one in a million, you are kidding yourself. Almost every one of my clients has similar stories and the worst thing is that it could be averted or be a completely different story if you are informed and prepared for job-seeking in Australia.

We provide you with all the steps you need to take with our online course, even before you arrive in Australia. It is a continuous process that is not going to stop when you have landed your first job. We also want you to KEEP that job by understanding the Australian workplace culture and knowing your rights and responsibilities.

The best part is that for AU$97, you get life-long access to the course material, even when we upgrade it.

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Australian Job-Seeking: Made Super Easy!
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Written by Hendrika Jooste – The Migrant Whisperer