Types of Memberships

VicWISE members have exclusive access to a range of events and discounts chosen to grow their network and knowledge. VicWISE welcomes both professional and students interested in international students employability in Australia and globally.


Become a professional member

Develop new skills & knowledge, share your existing ones and meet new friends while making an impact.

Membership Fee Options
  1. Non-transferable: $100 + GST, valid for one year (Jan -Dec)
  2. *Transferable: $150 + GST, valid for one year (Jan – Dec)
*Transferable membership is limited to only one attendee at a time


Become a student member

Applications open to current international students or recent international graduates in Australia who would like to build their employability skills and experiences.

Membership Fee Options Non-transferable Membership: $10 + GST, valid for one year (Jan – Dec).