Supporting international students during COVID-19

VicWISE believes that the well-being of international students is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL during the Pandemic. VicWISE recognises most industries are currently struggling under the pandemic to maintain viability. This is a universally difficult economic situation thereby increasing challenges in all aspects of employment. Click in the link below to learn more about our commitment and how you can find useful information and seek support.

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Our Vision

VicWISE - the Victorian Working group on International Student Employability is a non-profit association with a single mission: To help International Students unlock opportunities for Employment.

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About Us

VicWISE is a unified voice of International Education professionals who are passionate about championing employability and career development opportunities for international students/graduates through networking, influencing and advocating. VicWISE aims to build a platform for building connections to enable cross-collaboration for the mutual benefit of international student employability.

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