Our Story

We are passionate about advancing the cause of international student employability in Australia. We believe that international students offer vast cultural, social and economic benefits to the local communities throughout our nation.

Our group was formed in May 2016 to provide a platform for the networking of professionals and to foster collaboration among different organisations, educational institutions and others to improve international student employability outcomes.

In July 2018, we received funding through the International Student Welfare Program (a Victorian Government initiative to support projects aimed at enhancing the experience of international students studying in Victoria) which enabled us to successfully strengthen stakeholder relationships, establish new ones and share resources as we worked towards achieving our vision and mission.

Since then, we have expanded our partnerships to include university representatives and higher education providers from all 8 major universities in Melbourne, Victorian TAFEs, private colleges and industry partners.

Networking Event (Study Melbourne) in 2018

From 2018-2019, we held a number of networking meetings and events with professionals and leaders in education, government and industry to facilitate deep discussions on focus areas of support as well as identifying opportunities, avenues and platforms for cross-collaboration. Through these events, we were fortunate to have established a common ground of understanding to further our cause with key persons such as the Founder and CEO of HR Giant, Drake International, Bill Pollock and the Malaysian Consul General, Mazita Marzuki. Presently, we have 80 members from different organisations, associations and institutions across various sectors, all involved in international education or the sector.

Not least important are our volunteers who form the backbone of our operations. Post-COVID, there are currently 35 student volunteers from different educational institutions, backgrounds and fields of study registered with VicWISE. They are empowered to carry out key tasks for the successful delivery of projects. The team dedicates time and energy in areas such as strategic management, employability, marketing, social media, content writing, website support and events management. Building a strong volunteer base has enabled us to reach out to more students directly through contacts and to identify areas to positively impact the international student experience.  

With COVID-19 and Stage 4 restrictions, VicWISE is working hard to think laterally and offer a wide range of services and support for international students. We continue to support our international student community especially in these tough times by offering channels to seek support for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

Our Key Milestones

Since our inception, we have reached a number of key milestones.