Face Masks

  • Restrictions are changing to slow the spread of coronavirus in Victoria.
  • Stage 4 restrictions have been in place since Sunday, 2 August for metropolitan Melbourne
  • Stage 3 restrictions have been in place since Wednesday, 5 August for Regional Victoria, including Mitchell Shire
  • Everyone must wear a mask when they leave home, unless an exception applies.

Face masks prevent the spread of COVID-19 by stopping those who have the virus from spreading it. Masks aren’t a guaranteed method of preventing the spread of the virus but act as an additional barrier, and can be effective in stopping large droplets (liquid from coughing or sneezing). A recent study has shown that wearing a face mask significantly reduces your chances of contracting the virus.

Below are resources to guide you on the selection of face coverings, how to use a mask properly, how to maintain cleanliness of masks and the correct disposal of masks.


For more information on face coverings, go to Department of Human Health and Services

How to wear a face mask

Maintain the cleanliness of your face mask

Store the mask in a clean plastic cover. Keep your mask dry. If the mask is wet and damaged, throw it away. Do NOT REUSE a wet damaged mask that is tearing into pieces!