Better Access to Psychological Services

Sometimes, international students prefer to access psychological services outside of their universities. Below are the steps as well as relevant links to these services.


  1. Ask the psychologist on the payment method when making an appointment (either upfront or claim the bill from the psychologist and send it to the OSHC provider).
  2. Ask the GP to refer you to a psychologist. Call the psychologist and ask how much an appointment will cost. Advise the psychologist on the mental health plan.
  3. Contact the OHSC provider and provide them with the MBS Item number, get information on the following: a)Would it be covered? b)How much it would be covered? You may need to pay a gap fee.
  4. Get the MBS Item number from the psychologist.

Digital mental health services

Find a counsellor/psychologist


Find a psychiatrist

Find a social worker


  • If the psychologist charges more than the government standard, the OSHC will only cover 85% of the cost
  • The mental health plan covers up to 10 sessions for Medicare holders, but should cover as many as necessary for international students