Experience of an International Student in Melbourne

After completing my Bachelor in Commerce from a reputed university in India, I decided to take a step forward and explore global opportunities to further my career. I came across universities in Melbourne and was fascinated about the advancements in their infrastructure, faculties and the support they provide to students from a diverse cultural background. I chose to study in Melbourne to explore everything it has to offer and all the interesting people that call it home.  

I landed in ‘ one of the most liveable city’  in July 2018 and I knew that there was no looking back. I began my life as a student from the Orientation Week in my University. I was captivated by the different clubs and committees that support students in moulding their career and providing guidance in improving their skills. The Orientation Week also helped me in meeting students from various courses and making new friends.

When lectures and assessments started off from Week 1, I was finding it difficult to cope up with tight schedules across group assignments, Uni activities and looking for part-time jobs. To overcome this, I started preparing schedules on a week-by-week basis and took time out to pursue my hobbies. Apart from studies, I also participated in various workshops and events to build my leadership and problem-solving skills. The workshops organised by student clubs have been a great experience for me to learn to work in groups, be co-operative and professional. I had the opportunity to build a wider network and make connections with industry professionals.

But studies though the most critical part weren’t the only aspect of my ‘Melbourne experience’ worth mentioning. I began exploring the CBD through an International Students Group that I was a part of Facebook. I met students from various countries such as Germany, Ireland, China, India, Korea, Japan, etc. I am also a part of various extracurricular groups on Meetup and I look for new ways to make connections to develop my professional interest as well as follow my passion.

 Melbourne’s CBD to me resembles the layout of a Tic Tac Toe game where each street intersects another, it’s geometry just appeals to me. I spend most of my time walking around the streets of Melbourne observing shops and the people around. I familiarised myself with the necessary stores and brands for groceries, clothing and pharmacy. ( a few examples if possible? Like Bourke street or flinders?) I gradually stopped using Maps on my phone to become more confident of the roads and directions. I also made sure to track the weather for the day before I head out, as it is rightly said: ‘Melbourne has unpredictable weather, to have 4 seasons in a day!’ The pictures below are proof to Melbourne’s weather swings in a single day. 

A bright evening at the Waterfront – Docklands
A vintage building near the Queen Victoria Market on a gloomy afternoon

Exploring the city and blending with the crowd gave me a pathway to participate in quite a few  case competitions in and outside of my university and as luck would have it I managed to win a few of them.

 By the end of my first semester, I managed to find a part time role in the Finance team of a mental health counselling services firm and apply my knowledge and skills acquired at University and also learn to blend into the local culture as part of a healthy work culture

Each day of my life in Melbourne is never the same, as I look for opportunities to grow as a person and have more experiences that will enhance my career as well as build trust-based relationships with the people I work with.