We are collaborating with Jobs Victoria and Settlement Services International to provide our students with job placement pathways and career support through a comprehensive government funded programme. This initiative has been long awaited and we would love to extend our invite for you to get involved!

Benefits of the Programme

  • Students having the opportunity to access a case manager to manage and place them into a job

  • Students will have targeted career counselling with tailored expertise – visa and legal requirements for temporary visa holders from a similar multicultural background

  • Resume, CV and Character Reference training

  • This programme provides students with holistic care – including interview clothing and access to language classes

  • Employers of the programme’s registrants are allowed to claim a wage subsidiary of $20,000

  • Students can network and build relationships in VicWISE facilitated event nights

  • Direct insight and career planning for long term residency in Australia – Skilled Occupations list opportunities

  • Post-employment follow up and care for 6 months

​Am I Eligible?

  • You must be a Temporary Visa Holder with Work Rights 

  • You must not be studying full time

  • You must be unemployed for 6 months or more; OR

  • You are currently underemployed and working less than 12 hours weekly


Settlement Services International



Jobs Victoria