Tips for Job Hunters

There is so much involved in finding a job. As if the stress of graduating isn’t enough, adding job search to the mix gets tough, we understand. So, here’s a list of resources to help you find your job whether you are just starting out or have lost your job because of COVID-19.

9-Step Survival Guide if you have LOST your JOB during COVID-19

Job Search during COVID-19

Job search is not just about your skills and expertise, your mindset matters too. Alternatively, if you are employed and are figuring out how to navigate the workplace, especially in post-COVID-19, we have resources to help you. From working from home to working around online presentations, we will share useful tips and advice to guide you.

Power of Mindset Change

If you are just starting out in the employment market, we have resources that can help you.  From working on your resume or CVs to preparing for interviews, we cover it all. Some of the key topics that we cover are interview mistakes to avoid, how to stand out in a crowded job market, how to overcome rejections, and the most dreaded of questions that recruiters tend to ask: “Tell me about yourself”.

Tell Me About Yourself

8 Telephone Interview Mistakes you Can’t Afford to make

Video Interview Tips to Ace your Interviews and get 1 step closer to securing your Dream Job

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